Your mastering

Your tracks mastered in a few easy steps

  • Send your finished mixes via wetransfer,
  • For file formats see "Technical_specifications_for_audio_files_to_be_mastered".
  • Tell me about your project and together we'll define the type of mastering "flavour" you're looking for.
  • An .mp3 file master is sent to you for validation.
  • Upon reception of payment (PayPal or bank transfer) I send the mastered files back to you. You can accept or request one series of modifications (this is included in the initial mastering fee).


Free mastering test

It is also possible to request a free mastering test on one track. The procedure is the same. I send you back an extract of the mastered file and if you are happy with it I send you the full file upon receipt of payment.



For each title*, you will receive :

  • A Master wave file 44.1khz - 24bit

I can also, at no extra cost, provide :

  • A 16 bit wave file (CD quality)
  • And/or an MP3 format file (320kbps).

For CD or vinyl pressing you will receive a DDP file** that you can listen to and check before sending to the pressing plant.

You can also opt to receive a CD-A Master via the post.


*    Up to 7 minutes per track. Contact me for tracks with greater running time.

**   DDP : Disc Description Protocol (DCA, inc.)

      For more details on the DDP format click here


Most masters provided within 2 working days.

(Maximum 5 working days for 8 tracks or more).

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