Your bespoke and affordable online mastering studio

Reinforce and enhance the flavour of your mixes and take them to new levels of sonic excellence.

Phase mastering is an online, bespoke mastering service offered by an experienced sound engineer.
From single tracks to full length albums destined for CD or vinyl formats, Phase Mastering works with recording studios, mix engineers and self-produced artists alike.
Get in touch and tell me about your project.

  • All mastering done at 24 or 32 bit, 44.1 to 96khz, from original stereo mixes.
  • Analogue and digital "flavour" sound processing.
  • Levels, dynamics, spectrum and stereo imaging optimisation.
  • CD Authoring, volume levelling, editing, CD-text and ISRC encoding.
  • Audio file, DDP or CD-A delivery.
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